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You're an astronaut on an exploration through the cosmos, discovering amazing aliens and planets! - Stay alive by collecting the oxygen tanks and discover all the different aliens in this world!

'Naut is a game I started in mid-2017 and stopped working on at the beginning of 2018. Now I really want to work on it again, especially with a small team if anyone is interested!

I'm quite proud of how much I got done, but I got burnt out when the next stages of development consisted of just adding more aliens
and planets/solar systems.

Hope you enjoy what I made!


Latest Update

  • Implemented GameJolt Trophy and High Score system
  • Minor update to the main menu
  • Mac support

Working on right now:

  • MORE ALIENS! Including a new rarity system, making some aliens appear less often, making them more rare!
  • New Music by Joel Taylor & a new music system, so it doesn't just loop.
  • Optimization

Planned features:

  • A portfolio-tablet-thing to see all the aliens you've found, and even how many other players have found and you ranking on the leaderboard!
  • Different Helmets (for customisation)


  • Upgrade system (Better oxygen tanks, more jetpack fuel, etc.)
  • A discover range, which you can also upgrade, so you can find aliens from longer distances


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Simple, fun, and mildly stress inducing at times, 'Naut is a good starting point for a bigger, better game. What starts as a fun field trip through space, slowly reveals to be a race against time as you're constantly running low on oxygen, having to balance your time between finding all the happy little aliens you want to be friends with and trying not to die alone in space from suffocation because you were just a few steps from that last O² tank. Your final thoughts turning to your friends and family as you wonder why you went to space on this journey by yourself. Oh, why?! Why?! Now they'll never know what became of you, meanwhile you'll be a skeleton lost on some empty planet. Oh, and the graphics and audio are pretty nice as well, with the soundtrack being pretty adventurous sounding and the visuals reminding me a bit of soft clay.

While many things could be added to the game over time, one thing I would suggest is a timer for when you're about to run out of oxygen. Maybe the final ten seconds or so. The screen fading to black is a nice touch, but only works well as an indicator when it fades until you die.

Good job on this, dev. You made a fun thing.

I love the concept! It's well implemented, but there's a lack of instructions at the beginning. Also having the music loop is a bit off. I'd suggest having the music change only when you change planets.

Can't wait to see what you implement in the future :)


Thanks for the comment & feedback! Will definately be thought through for future updates! :D

great graphics! love the aliens C:

Thank you! That means a lot :D

Wow, what a great idea for a game. It took me a few minutes to work out what to do but it's been put together really well. Collect the oxygen to stay alive, tag the animals and then go to the next planet.

Well done


Thank you so much!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it :) 

I should probably have made  a short introduction to the gameplay, but you figured it out quite quickly :D

- Caspar / NightRunner